18" x 6" x 1/16" flexible red plastic

Get your eyes shifting again! The normal eye shifts, or scans 70-100 times per second. With imperfect sight, the stare slows down this motion.The shifter is the easiest way to re-establish the unconscious shift of the normal eye. When the eyes shift, they see.

Starter Combo

Shifter, e-book and instructional video

Everything you need to get started improving your vision:

* Shifter

* E-book, Improve Your Eyesight - Get Your Eyes Shifting Again

* Instructional video

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    Starter Combo - Shifter, training video, & e-book (Improve Your Eyesight)$85.00
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How to Read Small Print Without Glasses at Any Age - $19.99

Only $19.99!
Gets you out of reading glasses. You receive two sizes: Large-print to start with, and a smaller-print version to use as your vision improves. Both are in graduated-size type, to improve your sight while you read. Techniques are clearly spelled out, leading you step-by-step to perfect sight. Topics include: * Ten Tips for Reading * The Cause & Cure of Presbyopia * Your 5-Minute Daily Routine to Keep Your Vision Good for Life. Companion manual for the online course Improving Close Vision at

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